No. 1 hardware wallet in Australia

No. 1 hardware wallet in Australia

The No. 1 hardware wallet in Australia is the Trezor in our view. Hardware cryptocurrency wallets are cold wallets. A hardware wallet can resemble a USB flash drive or have their own designs such as the Trezor.

No. 1 hardware wallet in Australia, the Trezor One


In its simplicity comes very few opportunities for a third party hacker to exploit any vulnerabilities. 

Trezor’s code is open source, put together nearly a decade ago by cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The company that funds this, reinvests profits directly back into further development. Being open source, Trezor is fully auditable and is scrutinized continuously by security researches worldwide.

It also means that anyone can build their own Trezor hardware wallet.


Privacy is quite different from security. It is possible to have a secure hardware wallet while revealing data that may expose your identity and association with your wallets address. This could make you a target for those that mean to do harm.

Trezor’s sales are anonymized and no data about our customers is kept on internal systems for more than 90 days. 

This is one of the reasons we rate the Trezor above some of it’s competitors.


Trezor strives to give all users access to the mechanics of cryptocurrency without exposing them to traps that can ensnare newcomers. Making ease of use a cornerstone of the product.


It’s when the chips are down you find out who your real friends are. Sure, Satoshi Labs (Trezor) are a company like many others but they really excel in assistance when things go wrong.

You can help to fund the cryptocurrency ecosystem

The beauty of buying a Trezor hardware wallet is that you help and support the very system you are investing in

Hardware Wallet Review

Review of: Trezor One

Use: Hardware Cryptocurrency Wallet



Trezor has been around since 2014 and that experience shows. The wallet is simple and effective, keeping one step ahead of the opposition.



While Trezor have worked on reducing the cost (down 23%) it still carries a hefty price tag compared to the competitors.

Ease of Use


In our view simple is good and the Trezor One nails that without compromising functionality.



If I could give this another star I would. They are quick and helpful. Just what you want in a crisis.

We Like

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Summary: While not being the most stylish device on the market the Trezor One comes to the party in so many other ways. The features are functional and easy to use. A pretty good start for your first hardware wallet. 

If you find the price a bit steep, well, you could always build your own.

Currently 53 EUR

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