Password Manager

Password Manager

There are over 250 password managers available to download online, free and paid. Using the same password for everything and if it is less than 12 digits then you are likely to be massively exposed to be exploited. If you are moving into the cryptocurrency space, then you are in charge of your own security. The buck (Bitcoin) stops with you!

Password Manager

Password manager, in todays online world, you can’t really avoid having one. Where everything is exposed to our massively connected digital world, security is a big deal. Passwords are the central feature in this. Gone are the days of using your dogs name for every log in (particularly if the hounds name is ‘Spot’). You can choose whatever you like to manage your passwords, but if you are struggling to settle on one. We have picked a free, open source, password manager that has worked well for us for years.

Why not continue to store my passwords in my browser?

A poor solution in terms of security, as browsers, like some wallets, are ‘Hot’ storage solutions.¬†

More information on hot and cold storage in our article on Cryptocurrency Wallets.

Introducing KeePass

The encryption of the KeePass database means it can be stored in a cloud storage solution with relative security. Also allowing the data to be accessed from various platforms including mobile.

The video tutorial by Valentin Kossenko explains how to implement the installation and setup.

Link to the KeePass website

Photo Credits Markus Spiske | UnSplash

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