Encrypted Email

Encrypted Email

Email messages are not particularly private because they travel back and forth between servers, which could include virus-infected mailboxes. Even if your webmail service uses HTTPS to send emails, the service still has access to these sensitive documents that you write every day! If one server gets hacked or taken down there’s no guarantee of where the data will live next. 

Encrypted Email

Google for example has a privacy policy that clearly indicates when it will release your email to government entities.
The company says it no longer reads all messages, but if you give them permission through third-party apps or settings on the browser then they’ll be more likely see what’s going down with any given account – this includes things like automatically putting flight notifications in calendars without user input!

So for full privacy we recommend using an encrypted platform like ProtonMail.

ProtonMail uses an encryption system called Pretty Good Privacy (PGP) to secure messages between users. That means they can also exchange encrypted mail with users of other email systems that support PGP.

ProtonMail is based in Switzerland and all their servers are located in Switzerland. The Swiss have a pretty good track record when it comes to privacy.

As a footnote, it is free and comes with it’s own VPN!

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