Antivirus is a good idea. It is however, not as essential as it once was. Modern, up to date, computer or mobile phone operating systems are pretty tied down with regards to security of this sort. It is nice to have something that sits over the top keeping another perspective on the odd thing the operating system might miss. 


So, which one?

As we said in the introduction, the modern operating system looks after the majority of security issues. The choice is essentially up to you. If you are stuck for ideas, we have used one for more than two decades with great success. 

Introducing: Avira

Why we like Avira:

  • German family run company.
  • Works with the operating system rather than trying to run the whole show. You barely notice it.
  • Updates automatically without fuss.
  • Has won awards at the world championships of antivirus numerous times.
  • It just works.
  • It’s free. Yep, free.

There is a paid version of course but the core functionality of the free version is undiminished.


In our opinion, you do not need the other products on offer, just the antivirus. Again the choice is yours. Feel free to adopt the paid premium version, people say it is very good. The link to the free version is listed below.

From the Avira website:

Avira download

The clean, bare bones version from the Ninite website:



Photo credits:  Engin Akyurt | Unsplash

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