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The world's 1st peer to peer wireless network built by everyday people.

The Helium Network represents a paradigm shift in decentralised wireless infrastructure. Millions of people around the world are already using it to build their businesses and create new solutions for IoT devices, with many more doing so every day!
The Helium Blockchain powering The Peoples’ Network enables LoRaWAN networks which can be easily customized by thousands of existing or third party gateway components making LongFi possible – combining accessibility through low power consumption and reliable delivery across moderate distances within line-of sight conditions at below 1m accuracy on outdoor urban environments.

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    What is Helium?

    Some of the Team

    Amir Haleem

    Amir Haleem

    CEO, Co-founder
    Video Gamer of note (Worlds best Quake player at one time) CTO at gaming startup Diversion, and member of the original team behind Battlefield 1942 at DICE in Stockholm.
    Shawn Fanning

    Shawn Fanning

    Also Co-Founder of Napster, Rupture, Path, Snocap
    Marc Nijdam

    Marc Nijdam

    Formerly, Sr. Principal Engineer at Yahoo!, Founder of imadjine, Director of Mobile at Snip.it. Background includes commercial research at Hewlett-Packard and Qualcomm.
    Sean Carey

    Sean Carey

    Co-founder and former CTO
    Systems Architecture Engineer formerly at Where, Basho and Brightcove


    Helium Explained in under four minutes

    Internet of Things (IoT)

    The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to the billions of physical devices that are now connected to the internet and collecting and sharing data globally. Because of the proliferation of low-cost computer chips and the pervasiveness of wireless networks, it is now possible to transform anything, from a pet collar to an aircraft, into a component of the Internet of Things. Connecting all of these different objects and adding sensors to them gives otherwise dumb devices a level of digital intelligence, allowing them to communicate real-time data without human intervention.

    Internet of Things

    Helium, a mind blowing IoT Project



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